Go Places with Suzuki QChord Gig Bag

Have you ever heard of the Qchord or Omnichord? The QChord gig bag makes it a pleasure to travel with these great instruments.  Making musicians out of us all.

Like so many others, I’d love to play an instrument but learning to play one well enough to enjoy it sounds an awful lot like hard work.

I just want to play.

That’s what the OmniChord did for people.

Before there was the QChord, there was the OmniChord, developed by Suzuki in 1980 to reduce the learning curve for people wanting to play and enjoy music. You get the experience of playing in a range of sounds with the fullness of harmony, rather than one note picked out in the melody. You press a keypad for the chord you want, while strumming on the sensor board.

The beauty of it is that you can’t hit a wrong note. It only plays notes from chord you’re pressing down. This takes a lot of work out of music and moves you quickly to the playing of it.

More recently, Suzuki has resurrected this product as the QChord. The QChord is sleek with a cut out and a bunch of new features and upgrades. What they haven’t changed is the ease with which you can enjoy playing it.

Check out this youtube video of someone trying it out in the store and tell me it doesn’t look fun!

The QChord Gig Bag: Music on the go!

The design and size of the QChord and OmniChord make them easy to tote around to venues for group singing or one on one.

These instruments go to concerts, libraries, schools and are brought into places like nursing homes and hospitals for the patients to enjoy playing as well. Strumming songs and experimenting with them is very relaxing and therapeutic. Even bedridden patients can enjoy them because they fit on laps..

One traveling music therapist, Kathy Schumacher, enjoyed using the OmniChord in her sessions, but was looking for a way to make it even more travel-friendly.

When she traveled with the OmniChord, Kathy’s hands were always full of other tools she used in therapy. The hard case available for her OmniChord only had a handle for carrying it around. Since her hands were already so full, she thought a gig bag with a shoulder strap would be a big help to her.

Kathy had connections.

She talked to Janet Stephens of Bear Paw Creek and asked her to design an OmniChord gig bag for her, to make her life easier.

So Janet did…

By the way, Janet and Kathy are sisters, so what could she say, but yes?

Working together they created a gig bag which Kathy loved and Janet added it to the line of products which Bear Paw Creek offered.

Bear Paw Creek continues to offer the bag – it’s now called the QChord Gig Bag (although it still fits the OmniChord). In the past couple of years they’ve made some improvements in response to customer input. The QChord Gig Bag is a padded zippered bag which has:

An adjustable shoulder strap and handle.
A large gusseted outer pocket, which now has a handy zippered (it fits the adapters and song cartridges).
A coiled tooth zipper (since July 1014) in response to feedback about problems with the toothed zippers they had previously used. The coiled zippers are sturdier!

Qchord Gig Bag NEW PocketQCHORD CARRY BAG Gussted Pocket for Adapter







Do you have a QChord or an Omnichord?
If so, do you use it at home or tote it around with you?
If you’re looking for a handy (hands free) way to take your music with you, order one of Bear Paw Creek’s Suzuki Qchord Soft Carrying Gig Bag. You’ll spend less time dropping things and muttering, and more time playing and singing if you do!

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